264 Victoria

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264 Victoria

Inläggav sutherland » 5 juli 2018, 11:12

Hello and best greetings from Germany.

At the moment I am working on a book about "Western cars in the GDR".

I came across some papers of "Staatssicherheit" (secret service) which deal with the visit of a DGR-delegation at Volvo in the late 1970s.

They were there not only to sign contracts for the long 264 TE, which were mainly built by Bertone later, but also to see some prototypes of other Volvo cars. In the Papers a Volvo "Victoria" and a Volvo "Jönsson" are mentioned as possibilities to become the states limousine of GDR.

Does anyone have further informations or even pictures of these cars? That would be extremely helpful.
Best wishes from Germany
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Re: 264 Victoria

Inläggav Råda » 5 juli 2018, 20:12

Jonas Anderot
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