Volvo 244 1983 - Blown head gasket

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Volvo 244 1983 - Blown head gasket

Inläggav pintveld244 » 18 januari 2018, 10:51

Hi All,

Newly joined this forum as I moved from The Netherlands to Sweden last November. Bit about myself;
30 yrs old, recently moved from Amsterdam, NL to Göteborg, SE
I Work at Volvo Cars Göteborg as Sr. Business Analyst
Car-o-graphy - amongst other vehicles I've had:
1992 Volvo 940
1998 Volvo 460 Phase II
2017 Volvo V40 (all the new goodies on it like Narvi Rims, Amazon Blue, tinted windows etc.)
2017 Volvo V60
1983 Volvo 244 GLE

Now, we drove our 1983 from NL to Sweden but during that trip our head gasket was blown, causing heaps of white smoke (coolant in engine) coming out of the exhaust. In Göteborg I am now searching for a good place to get this fixed for a decent price. Just went to a Mekonomen garage but their price went a bit through the roof. It's either that, or I will be giving it a try myself (whilst I've never done more than bodywork).

Question: Is there anyone that can provide me with some good tips on how to go about this and perhaps have good tips for an old Volvo loving mechanic who loves to fix blown head gaskets? I've already found the parts on

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Best regards,

- Dutchman living in Sweden -
- Working at Volvo Cars HQ -

1983 - 244 GLE
1997 - V70 GLT
2018 - V60 T3
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Re: Volvo 244 1983 - Blown head gasket

Inläggav SkauneJohan » 18 januari 2018, 17:34

this is very easy to do if you know how to use a tourqewrench, screwdrivers and regular wrench

new gaskets, resurfacing the head will be needed and a tourqe wrench (new headbolts are recomended)
this guy (one of the best volvo porting guys) knows someone that can resurface your head

wrenches and tools can be bought at biltema wich is cheap and good quality (many with warranty of 10 years)

gaskets and bolts can for example be bought at (i have good experience from them myself)

this is how you do it (if i remember correctly)

empty coolant

remove timing belt

loosen intake and exhaust there might be surounding stuff like sparkplugwires, EGR that also need to be loosened/removed

loosen valve cover

loosen headbolts in correct sequence (14mm head on them if i remember correct)


make sure the sealing areas on block is clean and the resurfaced head is flat now its time to put it all together again

tighten headbolts in 3 stages and in this sequence

first tighten all bolts
then 60nm
lastly 90 degrees angle(1/4) turn

the rest is all backwards, take pictures of your removal if you are unsure

here is also a guide on other site ... Repair.htm

you follow my guide all on your own responsibility
good luck
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